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Shinnecock/Peconic Season Opening Report 4-7-24

Happy Spring to all,

We've been open for a few weeks now and prepping the shop for the season. A few new things and a lot of all the gear you're looking for. 

The reports thus far have been few and far between. The alwives and bunker are in the Peconics and the ospreys have made their return. The migration of the striped bass looks like it will be right on time for opening day on the 15th. Seems there are some schoolie bass to the west and the holdover fish in our area that make our waters there home during the winter. Unfortunately I have not had one report on the winter flounder but that doesn't stop anyone from trying. The blackfish season is open but locally I've heard nothing. 

The new fluke and porgy regulations have been posted and are on the NYSDEC site. Porgy is fine with a May 1st opener and fluke will open on May 4th with 3 fish at 19" with a change on August 2nd to 3 fish at 19.5" through October 15th. 

With many of the seasons opening within a month don't forget to get any gear in need of service or repairs into the shop before you need it. We are open seven days, Mon-Fri 9-5:30, Sat 8-5:30 and Sun 8-3.


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