Shinnecock's Local Fishing Headquarters

  At East End we build custom rods for the boat and shore bound angler customized to each individual. Each rod is laid out with the customer if they choose or we can build it to our recommended layout. All our rods are built on site in our shop. We do not farm out our work.      We only use top shelf, high quality 

components such as Lamiglas blanks, Fuji guides and reel seats along with top notch winding threads. At East End our feeling is if we use the best components our rods will be that much better with little or no call backs. Our best customer is a satisfied customer.

  We also offer full service repair and maintenance to most any reel or rod. Our reel services include from yearly cleaning and lube including a bath in our ultrasonic cleaning machine to replacing the smallest screw you didn't notice you lost until the end of the season.

  Rod tip repairs done while you wait in most cases; and guide replacement on your favorite rod. 

  Need new line, no problem. We stock a full line of both monofilament and braided lines. Most of the time we can do this while you wait as well

Fishing reel spooling machine
Fishing reel repair bench
Fishing rod repair and cusom rod building machine