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Lots of bait in both Shinnecock and Peconic Bays. Bunker are everywhere along with a bit of butterfish with bass on them in the Peconics. Lots of reports of schoolie bass in most back bay and creek areas. Outgoing tides are still best but fish are being caught on both tides. Shinnecock canal has a good amount of schoolie bass along with a few keepers mostly on rubber baits. Most of the bigger fish have come in the dark on swimming plugs. Fluke have made their presence known in the Shinnecock and Quogue canals as well, only catch and release until the 4th of May. Reports of weakfish in the commercial traps but nothing on hook and line that we've heard. The area around Jessups should be full of porgies by now but have had no confirmation. Our store is busting at the seems with inventory so be sure to stop in. We are stocked with all the seasonal baits and are open seven days for your needs.

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