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Shinnecock Report 7/19/18

Shinnecock bay/inlet/ocean

The fluke bite in the area is a tough one to nail down. It is mostly a hunting process with not much a pattern to go on. The bay has been very dirty to the west and full of robins near the inlet. The flats both east and west of the bridge have seen fish as well as the flats across from the commercial docks. Out in the ocean some fluke have been taken deep and mostly to the west. The inlet has been better on the incoming tide. Good luck. Sea bass are cooperating and the local pieces and reef are loaded with short fish. The short to keeper ratio is about 10-1. Triggerfish are on the local pieces as well as some porgies. The schools of bunker continue to hang outside the inlet and along the beaches. Big bass have come out of some for those who are willing to put in the time to work each school. Not like it was a couple of weeks ago.


Plenty of porgies out at Rogers rock and up in Roses Grove. Reports of weakfish and seabass coming out of some of the deeper holes and taking diamond jigs. A few fluke have also been reported from the Jessups area.


The Shinnecock canal is seeing plenty of porgy action with some triggerfish mixing in. The snappers are starting to show but are very small. Over at the inlet the fluke bite has been ok with a few porgies and triggers mixed in. A few bass have fallen to bucktails on the night tides. The ocean beaches have produced some schoolie bass on clams and on plugs in the early morning and evening tides. Lots of sandeels in the wash, give your 007 or A17 a shot.


The big story from anyone who has been out hunting the makos and bluefin is the amount of life. Whales, dolphin, turtles, bunker, and sandeels are all over. Whales breaching near the boats, are a real show. There are makos around but the new 83" limit is a tough one to make. The bluefin have been holding in the area near the Coimbra with some big fish mixed in.


The results of the 8th Annual Hampton Bays Fire Dept Benny Lupia Fluke Tournament are in. Held on July 14th where we performed the weigh in with the following results. Eric Downs took 1st with 7.3lbs, Rick Rattler took 2nd with 6.2lbs and a 3 way tie for third at 5.5lbs were Kenny Booth, Tim Lopez and Duane Arnister. And don't forget to sign up for the Molnars Landing Annual Fluke Shootout on July 21st.

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