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Spring Has Finally Sprung!!!

Well, it apears that the fish like the warm weather just as much as the fisherman. Everything is bitting. With the porgy opener on Tuesday, the boats in the Peconics were loaded and many were dinner plate sized.

The south shore beaches are seeing schoolie bass with more keepers mixing in everyday. If you're looking for more constant bass action I'd suggest the back bays and creeks since thy warm up quicker. Small rubber baits on light jig heads is the ticket here.

Fluke opens on May 4 and there are already some showing over at the Greenlawns off Shelter Island and in the Shinnecock canal as well. The shop is fully stocked for the opener with local spearing and squid as wellas smelts and sandeels and a huge selection of our custom hand tied fluke rigs

The local baymen are reporting some weakfish in their traps but I'm still waiting for a report on hook and line; so get out there and be the first.

New shop hours are going to be:

Mon- Fri 8-6

Sat 7-6

Sun 7-3

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