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Report 4-18-16

With the air temperatures on the rise and the sun shining the water temps should begin to rise as well. This time of year its best to target shallower waters with muddy bottom. Peconic River, Quogue Canal and Heddy Creek are just a few known local spots but most any tidal creek will produce a few fish. Best baits early in the spring tend to be rubber baits like grubs, Fin-S fish and rubber shads.

With that said, our local waters are showing signs of life. Striped bass opened the 15th and anglers have already had a few schoolies in the creeks. A couple of weakfish reports have made it back to the shop too. Both coming from our canals. Got word on the first blues in our area. Not many to speak of but they are roaming the bays. Flounder fishing is tough in our area but there have been a few caught in the Quogue canal on sand worms and lots of chum. Also heard the fluke have made it back into the bays. We'll have to wait on these guys as the season does not open until the 17th of May.

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